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Large U S flag on display at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Sioux City, IA._ed

Sarah Abdouch Iowa House  District 20

Meet Sarah

Sarah Abdouch is a lifetime Iowa native. Born in Adel, Sarah's family moved to Council Bluffs in the early 2000’s. She returned after college and put down roots in the area, marrying her husband Nick in 2017. 


"I am not satisfied with anything simply because it "is". I think we have to strive every day to realize what can and should be. I want to serve in the Iowa House because it is the seat where I can accomplish the priorities I have set out for House District 20. Once that's done, I will return to being a private citizen, pleased to have done something positive for my constituents and community." 

 Flood Mitigation 

For Council Bluffs and Carter Lake, Flood Mitigation efforts are crucial, and have not been treated with the priority they deserve. We have creative solutions available to ensure the Missouri is properly managed and the state should lead in implementing those.

School Choice

Parents are taxpayers and should have the right to decide to which educational institutions they will send their children and tax money. School Choice gives private and specialty school opportunities to all children, not just those whose parents are wealthy enough to pay out of pocket. 

Annual Property Tax Elimination 

The principle that your should own your home, rather than leasing it from the government, is a core tenant of property rights. Yet, today, if the annual taxes are not paid, you forfeit your home. This is unacceptable and must be restructured. 

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