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Flood Mitigation of the Missouri River

Lack of proper management has made the Missouri a ticking time bomb for those who live next to it, endangering homes, lives, and property. It is time for the State to lead on mitigation efforts by forming an inter-state compact with the other states impacted by the Missouri River

Term Limits and Other Federal Controls

The States have the right and duty under the U.S. Constitution to manage and maintain the Federal Government. They may unilaterally choose to act to amend the Constitution under Article V, imposing limitations on term served for judges, bureaucrats, and even Congress. They may also repudiate bad Supreme Court precedent, such as "Open Fields", which strips land owners of their right to due process. State legislators are the guardians of this power and ought to use it on behalf of their citizens.

What are the Big Five?

Put simply, these are the top priority items that I am going to the Iowa House to address. These are key issues that will be difficult to tackle and, while other issues will certainly come up, these five take precedence. 


Regulatory compliance is the most burdensome part of operating a business aside from the business itself. The fines and penalties are a drain on the economy, and are often nonsensical. Because there is no mechanism in place for regularly reviewing laws and agency regulations on the books, and removing those that have served their purpose, the weight becomes heavier and heavier with each passing year. I will institute a "regulatory reporting" system, where Iowans who are struggling with particular regulatory policies can report those to my staff and I, so that we can address them in a expedited and targeted fashion

School Choice

Currently, if parents wish to send their children to private school, they pay a penalty. Their taxes go to fund other people's children while they have to pay out of pocket for their own. Additionally, private and specialty schools should not be reserved only for those wealthy enough to afford them, but should be options for any parent who desires a quality education for their child.

Annual Property Tax Elimination

Put simply, annual property taxes must be eliminated because they are unconstitutional. If you have to pay in order to live in your home that you otherwise own outright, you don't own it, you are leasing it. Counties and Cities can be adequately funded by a flat sales tax on property. This eliminates the predatory practice of assessing at an increased rate and taxing, then, on unrealized funds. It also eliminates a lot of problems related to veterans, those on assistance, and the elderly paying tax on their homes

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